~*~ Healing, Absent Healing, and Self Healing ~*~


Please feel free to share your experiences here with Auric Magnetic Energy Healing, Absent Healing, or Self Healing.


This one’s especially for my online friends, but all feedback and questions are welcome!  🙂


*   How does Auric Magnetic Energy Healing affect your life?

*   Do you feel more at Peace with your Self?

*   Do you view life in a different Light, after Auric Magnetic Energy Healing?

  Do you feel more relaxed?

  Has your self esteem, your Self Love increased and how does this influence you, and those around you?

*   Do you feel more Loved?

*   Are you able to show your Love to the world?

*   How do you think this is helping the world to Move Forward, into a world of Love & Light, and Peace & Harmony, All Ways, Always ~ to Move Toward Freedom?


Looking forward to hearing from you  🙂


In Love and Light,




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7 thoughts on “~*~ Healing, Absent Healing, and Self Healing ~*~”

  1. My personal experience with Auric Magnetic Energy Healing.

    * Auric Magnetic Energy Healing is taking up more and more time in my life, and (except from giving birth to my beautiful children!) is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done!

    In regard to Healing: It feels so good when someone leaves a healing session refreshed and visibly lighter and happier! When a real transformation has taken place.

    In regard to Absent Healing: Absent Healing still feels like a miracle to me, when healing someone elsewhere than in my practice, in my own country or overseas, I post my findings to my client, and I get their feedback which is wonderful. When this happens it is proof to me that time and distance do not exist in Universal terms. Love and Light permeates All That Is!

    In regard to Self Healing: I am very grateful to be able to heal my Self when needed. I do this the way I do absent healing, or purely by visualization, whatever is more appropriate at the time.

    * By healing my Self and others, I have learnt that Absolute Belief in One’s Self is a Number One Must! As during a healing I need to completely trust in what I feel ~ there is nobody who can tell me what I feel, but me! Then go with the Divine Flow.

    * I am more in tune with my surroundings, and the people in my environment ~ I know that to the core we all are Energy, and we are One, in Love and Light.

    * I feel at Peace with my Self, and my environment, even when less pleasant things occur. I am much more balanced and don’t let things tip me off the scales ~ good or bad! ~ I am experiencing a much more Even Flow in my life, and feel relaxed in general.

    * Through the need to really believe in my Self, my Self Esteem has risen enormously (from being very insecure) and I feel as strong as ever!

    * This affects not only my Self, but also the people in my life, as what we give out we get back. We constantly send out and receive vibrations, so when our vibrations are good, these good vibrations are reflected back at us, one way or another.

    * You could say that we are what we think. Our thoughts are vibrations, just as much as our words and actions, and have a snow ball effect, or a chain reaction, if you like. I know that Love & Light, Peace & Harmony, All Ways, Always, is a very realistic and achievable goal!

    In Love and Light,

    Ingrid 🙂

  2. Originally posted on 30 August on the page ~*~ World Peace: Love & Light, Peace & Harmony, All Ways, Always ~*~ , reposted with permission on this page.

    In Love and Light,


    In India temperature rises to 50 degree centigrade in Summer season in some places .In my town the temperature goes up to 48 degree centigrade in month of May and June . This summer I got sleeplessness ,feet burning and pain in Knee joint. I belong to a medical family of modern medicine, had no faith on other system of medicine . I knew that there are alternative system to cure un curable diseases .I had develop sleeplessness at the age of 25 due to emotional reason and reading late up to past midnight for final examination for Engineering. Emotional reason was my eldest brother who was an Executive Engineer was in death bed, due to Cancer.Instead of contacting my father(a doctor) I contacted a local doctor in Kolkotta .He prescribed me a new medicine in the market . Although I slept well I got addicted to it . It took 7 yrs to get myself de-addicted That medicine is banned now.Later on I could know that it was a Heroin product.From that time I got cautious about modern medicine.I treated my Cervical Spondylosis with homeopathy, 20 yrs back.
    This year in summer I was hit by sleeplessness in summer months when temperature went above 42 degree centigrade.I use to take 2tabs of Alprazolam of 0.5 mg daily from last 7 years. I use to take it before dinner to induce sleep.and hangover in the morning. I increased that to 3 tablets but that did not helped me.Only I could sleep for 3 hours. Then I went for alcohol, which my society do not allow.Alcohol also did not help me to get more than 3 Hrs of sleep.
    Then I asked for help from my facebook friend Ingrid Van Amesterdam for her help me through her Auric Magnetic Distance Healing process. She started the distance healing from the month of July and took three seating and by August 15th I was cured .I had left taking alcohol,Decrease the number of Alprazolam 1 tablet at night.The emotional part of my complain has been treated by her . Emotion I did made me to surrender to her, like child before her mother.The treatment is purely psychological .There is no relation with Physical world of Auric(Gold) & Magnetism .It is purely on divine energy and quantum physics .Recently in Homeopathy a Hair Transmission System has been introduced,where the patient hair is dipped in a bottle of medicine and patient gets cured .If this is possible why not distance healing?
    harish panigrahi

  3. harish panigrahi said:

    I read my testimony.Many things have been left and composition could have been better, if I would have written on a paper. After all, English is a foreign language to us . I went on typing what ever came to mind at that time. I had not recorded the dates and my complains and development.I had thought, your treatment an East Europe nomadic culture. I had a belief on you, because you have faith on God, which I do have. “Before God we are equally wise and equally wrong” a quote by Albert Einstein.This inspire me to seek your motherly help. I do have 90% moral strength . Indian of my age never use a computer.Computer education they never had .I learnt it after I got retire from service at age of 58 .After retirement I built my business and got my son into it, who was a commerce graduate .We earn 10 times of the salary what I was gating 10 yrs back.We are still middle income group.The only Luxury is we are having a car for emergency use.

  4. Thank you Harish,

    Your comment is much appreciated ~ even with a limited knowledge of English, you have come across well!

    Also a huge thank you for your belief! It is your belief that got you well again!, and your knowing that

    ~*~ in Love and Light, we are One ~*~


  5. harish panigrahi said:

    Today is October 24,2011. Yesterday night I slept near about 11 P.M,after watching a Cricket game on T.V and dinner. My sleep broke at about 5 A.M and got off from bed at 5.30 A.M . The sleep was perfect peaceful and satisfying . As per prior appointment Ingrid has completed a session of treatment and has finished just before
    I left my bed . The divine distance healer has done it satisfactorily.
    The fewer the wards,the better for her.

    harish panigrahi.

  6. Thank you Harish.

    Love and Light, All Ways, Always


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