~*~ Auric Magnetic Energy Self Healing ~ Online Guidance and Support ~*~


Auric Magnetic Energy Healing is something that came natural for me, but I know that this can also be taught!


AURIC MAGNETIC ENERGY HEALING is relatively simple, and with an open mind will be easy to learn, so take this opportunity ~ COME ALONG and have a try for your Self!

As we all know we have our physical body – but around our physical body, we have our aura, also called magnetic field, or energy field.

The 1st layer around our body, is called the etheric body, or astral body. This represents our physical condition.

The 2nd layer is called the emotional body, which represents our emotional condition.

The 3rd and 4th layer are our mental bodies, the 3rd one representing our thinking, and the 4th one representing our intuition.

The 5th, 6th, and 7th layers are our spiritual bodies, the 5th one being our lower spiritual body, connecting us with the Cosmos / Universe, the 6th layer our middle spiritual body or Buddhi body, and our 7th layer our higher spiritual, or Atmic body, our highest spiritual Self.


My mission statement is:


Creating a peaceful  Self > Family > Community > Country > World!

To me this means, that when we are peaceful within our Selves, we radiate that peacefulness, that inner happiness.

This has an effect on the world directly around us. Following the natural law What we give out, we get back, this means that the peacefulness and happiness we radiate, will come back to us, one way or another.

The more people that take responsibility for their own lives, their own choices, their own state of mind, the more people that choose Inner Peace, the more that this will affect the status of the world, as we experience it, globally.


If we take responsibility for our Selves, and teach and treat our children and each other with Love and Respect, on a basis of equality as HUMAN BEINGS, our children will be peaceful, loving, and respectful. Our families will be loving and respectful.

The more people that can see and practice this Truth, the more families will be peaceful, leading to peaceful communities, peaceful countries, and subsequently a Peaceful World! So,


First of all, FEEL your energy field. You can do this, by moving your hand (or hands) over your body, without touching it. Just hold it about an inch, or 2-3 cm above your body. A good start is to hold one hand above the other. You can choose any spot you like though. You don’t need to worry about clothing or shoes, as the aura extends all of these.

Can you feel something? Try not too hard, ~ the key is to RELAX all of your being. Go with the Flow. Trust your Self.



You may think that you are imagining something, if you feel even the slightest hint of warmth. Believe in your Self. You really can feel your energy!


The fact that we can feel our energy, is proof that we are CONNECTED with our Divine Self ~ we are IN TUNE WITH ALL THAT IS!

It is important to understand that now you are able to feel your energy, you are able to CHANNEL ENERGY.

We are human transmitters of energy, and constantly send and receive energy. But we also continuously transmit energy within our body, sending messages from one part to another.

Energy transmission within the body


Energy consists out of positive and negative ions, which need to FLOW IN HARMONY, in order for us to be in our best possible condition!

When I do a healing, I prefer to do a full body healing, as most of our dis~eases, dis~comfort, or other imbalances, are caused by our THINKING.

Therefore it is possible to feel the energy in a completely different part of the body than where the hands are held!



The energy that we feel can be felt under our hands by warmth, heat,   cold, or “thick” air, as if there were an obstacle. When I feel these sensations, I visualize the positive and negative ions out of balance, trying to get into their correct position, but something is blocking them! They try harder and harder, and that’s what causes the friction and subsequently the change in temperature of our energy field.

As a healer, you need to detach from your personal self, your ego, to let the Divine Energy flow freely, without letting any personal thoughts or desires get in the way.




Why try to put anything into words at all? Words limit the energy flow, and our Divine Universal Energy is ALL KNOWING, ALL POWERFUL, AND EVER PRESENT. Putting something into words may well limit the healing process.


You can SCAN your body with your hands to locate areas. A completely healthy aura will feel clear and free flowing. As soon as you sense some warmth or other sensation, you know that this is an area to focus on.

FEEL the sensation, and let it fill your hand(s). When your hand feels “full”, shake off the energy, into nothingness. Keep going back to the same area, and keep repeating this process until all feels free and clear. Once you have cleared an area, you can move on, and continue with the scanning.


Let your hands do the “walking”! Trust in the Universe and Believe in your Self. Think to yourself that you know nothing. Go with the Divine Flow.

You can follow a pattern over your body, but sometimes your hands guide you to a different area than what you anticipated. This is fine!


What I love about Auric Magnetic Energy Healing is that you find the spot ~THEN DEAL WITH IT INSTANTLY!

When I say instantly, this doesn’t necessarily mean that whatever you are healing or clearing disappears immediately, although this is definitely possible! Our personal desires aren’t always what is needed and can get in the way, so remember: clear your mind and BE PATIENT.



It is your True Belief in your Self, that brings you where you are meant to be.

That Belief in your Self is such an important step! This is what gives you results. The WANTING TO CHANGE. Because nobody can change us, but our SELF.

QUESTIONING YOURSELF about your findings can be helpful in processing the healing and energy shifts, and help you to MOVE FORWARD on every level. For example: you can ask yourself when you first started to notice a certain condition. What were you doing at that point in your life? What were you thinking?


As with many other healing modalities, Auric Magnetic Energy Healing works in conjunction with orthodox (conventional) healing methods. So, for example, if you are seeing a doctor, and you are taking medicine, you can continue to do so. The amazing thing is though, that your healing process will speed up dramatically! 


   Self Healing by feeling your own energy on your physical body can be useful for all sorts of physical injuries which are easy to reach physically!

But what can you do when you have a headache, or emotional distress, or a mental imbalance? And what about your spiritual condition? How can you improve any of these situations, or raise your vibrations?

DEALING WITH “HARD TO REACH AREAS” and internal issues, such as your emotional, mental, or spiritual state.


There are times that holding your hand above your body just isn’t going to work, for example it’s rather uncomfortable to hold your hands above your head for a certain amount of time! An image of yourself, such as a photo (this can be a portrait as well as a full body shot) is very useful in that case. A photo or image holds your energy of the moment, even if the photo is outdated.


   1.   You can be anywhere at all (yes, very convenient!) and have your photo (or other IMAGE OF    YOUR SELF)  before you ~ it could be on a table, or on your knees.

Then, hold your hand(s) about an inch (or whatever distance feels right to you) over the photo, and now you can feel your energy. Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything instantly. Relax ~ it will come to you! As described before, scan your photo. You may or may not be able to locate the exact area of your body, but this is fine, as the healing will still occur. Keep clearing until you get an “all clear”!

2.  If you have a HEALING TABLE, or similar, you can place your photo on your table (I always place them at heart height).

You can then visualize your own energy field before you, as if you were lying there in front of you! Again, you can follow a pattern of your choice, to ensure not to leave anything out. Trust your hands, and where they are taking you. If you want a full body healing you can do the front first (face up) and then the back (give yourself a few moments to “turn over” ~ you don’t have to turn the photo over!)

If you like, you can take notes along the way to remind you later of what you found (what areas needed healing / clearing?), how much time you spent on it, and what you felt underneath your hands, and possibly within your own physical body!

If you feel any discomfort at any stage, don’t worry as this will pass. Keep focusing on the healing / clearing and on your breathing if necessary.


*  A NOTE ON BREATHING: Breathe nice and slowly ~ find a nice, slow tempo ~ the slower the better ~ in through your nose, out through your mouth. A bit more on this under Self Healing by visualization.


AT THE END OF A SESSION, finish off with a few twirls to prevent you from going back to your previous state. I always twirl my hand in an anti clock wise motion from the feet to the head.




The mind is a powerful thing! You have probably heard of the saying “MIND OVER MATTER”. And that’s what this is all about.

In this case, “matter” seems to be our “unovercomable” obstacle! But, in reality, isn’t it our mind that tells us that something isn’t possible?


So now, we are going to make the “impossible”, POSSIBLE! 

You can do Self healing by visualization ANY TIME, ANYWHERE, but if you’re new to this, the best way to learn is while you lie down, and close your eyes.


AS ENERGY, WE ARE EVERYTHING.  So as our breath enables us to breathe, to live, it is a creator ~ but on the other side, it can also be a destroyer. So, used in a positive way, our breath can serve us, and can eliminate all that doesn’t serve us any longer.




With your eyes closed and your INNER VISION, check that all of you, from your toes to your head, every single little muscle (don’t forget the muscles in your face!), is relaxed.


FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING, slow, and relaxed.

Now, VISUALIZE WITH YOUR INNER EYE (your inner vision, or your third eye) all your troubles, your pains, anything that serves you no longer.

Collect all of this in a “ball” in your mind, and take hold of it lovingly. Really take ownership of all of it. Because, ONCE YOU OWN SOMETHING, you accept that it is there, YOU ARE ABLE TO GET RID OF IT TOO!

Now, when you breathe IN THROUGH YOUR NOSE, slowly ~ take in the whole ball, everything you have collected. Breathe it all in, deeply, right down to your diaphragm. Now hold it down, as long as you can. You are really owning it now.

As you EXHALE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH, slowly, BLOW OUT gently all that you held down. Even if you think you have no air left, give your Self another little push with your diaphragm, to push out every last little bit of air! Do this five times.



You will feel so much better now! Do this at night, before you go to sleep, and in the morning, before you get up. You will start the day refreshed, and with a spring in your step!


For ACUTE PAINS, you can VISUALIZE YOUR PAIN TO LEAVE YOUR BODY at any chosen point. For example, a headache can easily leave your head if you guide it out through your third eye.

You can do this, by visualizing your headache, into a visible form of energy, such as a heat haze we see on the road on a hot summer’s day, or above flames. Relax, and open up your third eye.



Once again, be patient. The key is to relax, and to believe in your Self. “SEE” THE PAIN LEAVE YOUR BODY. You will be amazed!

By the way, isn’t there a saying “to see is to believe”?

Again, what we believe, is True!


Again, what is true for one person, may not be true for another! ~ When in peace with one’s Self, doesn’t this just instantly make accepting others for who or what they are so much easier! ~ and subsequently will be able to lead to WORLD PEACE.

Never underestimate THE POWER OF OUR THOUGHTS!


Once you become more familiar with Self Healing by visualization, you will find that you will be able to practice this, anywhere, anytime. Whether you are lying down, or driving, or whatever you’re doing ~ because you will find that you are able to relax your Self with your mind, at any given time! Just remember, everything comes with practice, practice, practice.





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