The power of transformation is NOW ♥


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If you feel like you’re having a hard time, you’re going through some “stuff” ~ inner experiences, and outside influences ~ do you recognize yourself when you speak, or when you speak up for your Self, or do you wonder where you get the courage, or the strength from?

The power of transformation is NOW ♥

KNOW that ALL will be well ♥

Go with the Flow ~ YOUR FLOW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

in Love and in Light ♥

Through your trials EVERYTHING will fall into place, EXACTLY how it should be ~ our life is in our hands ♥

Be an active part of the CREATION OF YOUR PEACEFUL SELF ♥


In Love and Light,

Ingrid ~*♥*~

Earth Grid Update
The Star Elders with Aluna Joy
April 20, 2012

Since the beginning of 2012, the energies have gone from feeling stuck, to feeling like we are in an out-of-control spaceship. This pace is literally taking our breath away.

Yet we when we tune in deeply to our hearts, we are excited and feel like we are finally about to arrive. There is an excitement in the air that we have been missing for some time, and it feels good.

The Earth is shifting; in fact, it is getting an entire new grid system. The tectonic plates are wobbling magnetically as well. So finding and staying in our centers is becoming more difficult. Some symptoms that are popping up for people that are extra sensitive to the Earth’s energies might be mild nausea, like morning sickness, a slight dull headache that won’t go away, and a sore spot in the heart chakra area. These are temporary situations.

You are building a new body as well. Scientists know that our bodies replace every single cell every seven years. What we are experiencing Now is an accelerated rate of this cellular regeneration of our physical and light bodies. It is going to be a whole new way to Be. It is going to feel a little strange for some time as this process completes, and we don’t expect this intensity to lighten up any time soon. A lot will be coming up; old stuff and more recent regurgitations.

Don’t judge your process or the processes others are going through. Judgments and spiritual arrogance have no place in these times. All are a perfect mirror of God, including You. Remember, what you resist, you can never be free from, so allow, surrender and flow with the process. Again, what you resist, you can never be free from. Allow your story to unfold. Remember that where you have been, and what you have experienced, good or bad, has placed you where you are today. Just a quick look back will remind you how much you have grown. Don’t you see how much you have already evolved! Don’t forget this.

We are finding that we are becoming increasingly unable to cope with the illusions of this world; like injustices, dishonesties, integrity issues, dramas in family and other relationships, and the 3D world not working as expected. All this is feeling like an endless retrograde situation to us. Again this is a temporary situation. We are feeling these things more prominently now, because we are already In the new world where these illusions do not exist. Our DNA is learning to balance and reorganize this contradiction of frequencies. The only thing in our way now is our own mind.

The intense energy might want to make us just crawl into a cave and wait it out. But we don’t do this. We stand firm on the Earth each day, breathe in and out, and we try our best to stay in our center wherever that might be in any given moment. Everything around us is shifting and changing at a ridiculous rate of speed. If we try to hide out, or hunker down, it will not work. We must stay involved. We must participate in this grand unfolding of a new earth, humanities awakening and the unification of the collective consciousness. This is what you came here for. You signed up for this.

The Earth is getting a new grid system and we are renovating ourselves to be in alignment with this new grid system. This will come with a new orientation point, with a new heart center, and a new body. Let’s just say that we have a lot on our plates right now.

Also, a magnetic pole shift might come sooner than first thought. Magnetic pole shifts are not as far-fetched as one might think. Geologists know the Earth and the Sun shifts magnetically every so often. This will not create world wide physical earth changes.

Some experts think this magnetic pole shift will happen as early as this May, here are some links if you are inclined to read more about this.

*** “Japanese HINODE team says in May 2012 the suns north pole will reach a reading of zero and will form into “Multiple” positive poles, and to top it off, this is happening a year ahead of the expected nominal time.” *

*** National Astronomical Observatory of Japan ” The estimated completion of the reversal of the north polar region will take place in 1 months or so, (MAY 2012) about one year earlier than the nominal expected reversal time.” *

*** The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center,” the pole shift has apparently sped up substantially.” *

*** “Magnetic north shifting by 40 miles a year, might signal pole reversal.” *

Our body is evolving in every sense of the word; quicker than any other time in history. Our blood has iron in it, and iron is magnetic. Because of this fact, whatever happens on the Earth and its magnetic field, as well as the Sun’s magnetic field, we will be equally affected by. “We are One” with the Earth, the sky and all life.

An interesting fact is that we have already ascended to a higher frequency. The only issue is that our mind (our memory and our self-image) has not come to grips with this fact. The iron in our body (in our blood) holds memory and history, so as the Earth’s magnetic field drops to zero, our memory is cleared and rebooted and raised up to a new frequency. Eventually then our mind will catch up with what has already taken place in the higher realms.

This is a divine synchronization of all life on Earth with its attached collective consciousness. Some people will need to accelerate their spiritual and physical process by being very rigid with their routines. Others will need to slow down their process, by meditating less, eating heavier food and well, what looks like goofing off. We must do what feels right in each moment without worry about what others will think about you. And we must not judge others for living their lives differently than ours. Did you hear that? This is important. Again, Judgment and spiritual arrogance has no place in these times. There are reasons why we are living the way we are living. The way we live our life now might be very different than from a couple of years ago.

How we live our lives next week might be polar opposite to today. Humanity and all life is synchronizing with the whole, the One. Why? . . . because we are going through this dimensional gate together. Everybody needs to be at the same frequency, on the same bandwidth, on the same page, etc.

There is nothing more that we need to learn. The searching is over. We have everything inside us that we need, right now. But we already know this. Now it is time to believe it. We will receive necessary wisdom and appropriate alchemy when, and only when, our frequency is ready for the next step in this ascension process. This is a failsafe program to keep us safe from burning up in the ascension light. This is a step by step process. We have learned in the past that if we ascend too soon, or are out of sync with an ascending age, we fail because we are not ready for the energy. We learned this the hard way in Egypt and Atlantis. Everything needs to be synchronized on the same page and on the same bandwidth. From our vantage point, all is going very well.

Lastly we are asking you to not go into sympathetic resonance with anyone going through hard challenges. Feeling sympathy will only bring your energy down, and make their journey harder. Remember . . . there is nothing to fix and nothing to heal. Each has chosen their path. We are harmonizing the collective field. Trust the process. Remember that what everyone is going through, is the process of bringing us all to that same page, so we can enter the new world that is awaiting us . . . together.

PS: The Star Elders really do love drama, and so does Archangel Michael; but they never go in to sympathetic resonance with the drama. For them it is just like watching a really good movie. They don’t judge anything and just accept the process. If we can approach this year as they do, it will make our lives a lot easier.

Aluna Joy

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Always believe in your Self!


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No matter what anyone says ♥

Remember that what you believe, is your Truth ♥

Accept your Self for who you are, in Love and Light, and it will be so much easier to accept others for who they are ♥

Creating a peaceful Self, will create peaceful families, peaceful communities, peaceful countries, and a peaceful WORLD ~*♥*~


Join me in the journey towards Universal Peace :~)


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Hello everyone, one of my friends introduced me to the GratitudeLog ~ such a nice feeling to share your gratitude and yes, it does make you feel happy and shine! 😀

Anyway today I decided to create a group, to promote the creation of a peaceful SELF ♥ inevitably leading us into a peaceful WORLD! It’s going to be BIG, so come and join me, and ENJOY! 😀

Promoting the creation of a peaceful SELF, creating peaceful FAMILIES, peaceful COMMUNITIES, peaceful COUNTRIES, and a peaceful WORLD! Love & Light, Peace & Harmony, All Ways, Always, Every One!

In Love and Light,

Ingrid 🙂

2012 and a Peaceful World


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Creating a peaceful SELF, will create peaceful FAMILIES ♥

Peaceful families will create peaceful COMMUNITIES ♥

and peaceful communities, will create peaceful COUNTRIES ♥

Peaceful countries will create a peaceful WORLD! ♥

So, by creating a peaceful SELF, we will create a peaceful WORLD

2012 is a year of Freedom, Change, and Transformation, so let’s get to it, and start with our SELVES!

Love & Light, Peace & Harmony, All Ways, Always,

Ingrid ~*♥*~

Love, Peace, and FREEDOM


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Our life is in our own hands! Isn’t this amazing?

Our life is in our own hands!

All we have to do, is take responsibility!

We are so used nowadays to look somewhere else for help, for love, for mistakes that were made, for pleasure, for pain, for a reason why life just doesn’t seem to go the way we would like it to be, for support, for money, for happiness, for God, for the truth, for peace, for freedom.

But all we need to do, is look inside. The answers are right here!

If we take responsibility for ourselves, we can see that we can help ourselves, that love is within us, that we made mistakes, we can be happy, we can support ourselves, that God is within us, and we can be free!

All we have to do, is believe in ourselves. THAT IS THE KEY.

Trust yourself. Have faith in yourself. Love yourself. Be happy with what you have. Know that everything will be all right. When you can do this, when you believe in yourself, you have just created PEACE.

And as you don’t need to depend on anyone else, you have created your own freedom!

Power and Control


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Once again, I would like to emphasize on Self Healing, on Taking Responsibility!

We live in a society, in which we are so brainwashed into being dependent on others, and pointing the finger at others, when things don’t go too well. We actually are taught to actively search for who is to blame!
We look at others to see what we can, and cannot do. (Our governments, the way we were brought up, our friends, etc.)
It seems to be “normal” to be dependent, in whatever way that may be.

It is time, we took our Power back, and take responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions.

True, it may not have been our fault that we had that accident. But who put us there in the first place? Who put our foot in front of the other, to get to where we are now?
Exactly ~ It is our own doing, and nobody else.

We all have the ability to create, to regenerate, to review, and to change.

How will we ever be able to attain world peace if we don’t live in peace with our Self first?

To live in Peace with our Self, we need to be HAPPY with who we are.

We need to take responsibility for our OWN thoughts, words, and actions.

What are YOU thinking right now? Do you like your thoughts? If not, you can change them. There are a million ways of looking at a situation, and all of them are right, for THAT person. We don’t have to be a slave of our thoughts. We are in TOTAL CONTROL, and we can change our thoughts, if we feel like it. It’s up to US.

What are you SAYING? Do you like what you are saying? Are you being true to your Self? Do you always mean what you say? Do you always say what you mean? Who made you say that? Who put the words in your mouth? Who is in control? YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

What are you DOING? Do you like what you’re doing? Who made you do that? Do you think you’re someone’s puppet?

WE have the Power, and control our very own Self! That is one thing that is for SURE.





Love and Light, Peace and Harmony, All Ways, Always,

Ingrid ~*♥*~

A Maze to the Core / The greatest Find


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In Love, Light, and Freedom,

Ingrid van Amsterdam


It’s been an interesting year ~
So many things to learn and hear:

“Fuck the rules”
(Don’t fuck the rules baby!)
Stick with the basics
Don’t run ahead
You might get into
stuff you regret

What happened to Freedom?

I am so confused
I’m losing track fast
of high speed infused

Nail biting terror
I run out of steam
I feel so exhausted
but hold on to my dream
(as I don’t want to be
a cream bun without cream
if you know what I mean!)

Do I know what I mean?

Internal conflict
I fight with my Self
I’m out of the Flow
I sit on the shelf

High energy
Out of control
My bubble will burst soon ~
A ball on the roll!

Burst and exploded
I now can relax
No worries, be happy
I’ve woken up
from my organized mess

This sleeping beauty
is playing again
I’m loose and I’m Free
and my way to Peace
is just to be ME

‘Cause I am the Cause
and it’s you I Affect
The world’s at my feet
What we give we get back
(That’s a natural law)
I amaze my Self
I’m in total awe

Yes, I’m back in the Flow!

Playfully send out my vibes all around
High as a kite
with my feet on the ground

When I send out my questions
I get waves of reply
vibrate down my Centre

Somehow I had to get down
to the Core

I emptied my mind
for the greatest Find
and decided that

Getting down to my Core
in my empty mind ~
most definitely

I decided that nothing,
but less…

is …..MORE…..

Ingrid van Amsterdam, November 2011

~*♥*~ LIVE TO GIVE ~*♥*~


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There is a saying “There’s no time like the right time” and “There’s no reason for the Season” meaning that EVERY DAY we can live in Love and Light, and Peace and Harmony, if we choose to do so ~*♥*~

Remember that the choice is ours ~ be grateful for every day we live, for what we have, and for who we are ~*♥*~

~*♥*~ LIVE TO GIVE ~*♥*~

What we give out, we get back, in one way or another ♥

If we consider and are aware of our thoughts, words, and actions, the world will be in Peace so much faster than we can possibly imagine :~)

So Create a Peaceful Self, BE Love, BE Light, and SHINE, EVERY DAY ~*♥*~

In Love and Light,

Ingrid ~*♥*~