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Hello everyone!

It’s been GO GO GO for me lately with not much time left for myself, BUT ~ I had this amazing opportunity to volunteer as a “Glow worm” at the NZ CREATIVITY CHALLENGE at WITT during the weekend.

Labelled “Glow worms” we were to set up the workshop areas with or without furniture, flip boards, markers, tape, etc, as requested for the respective speakers, make sure everyone was on time and, in short, make sure everyone was looked after and would have a great experience.

In return, we were able to attend the workshops of our choice, for free. WHAT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

I met the most amazing, beautiful, and interesting people there, and firstly on Saturday, attended a workshop about Infinite Creativity by Jennifer Goddard. Basically, this relates to the memory we have, giving it Energy (plus!), and yield Infinite Creativity. Challenging our memory, this will raise our creativity IQ.

The second workshop I attended was with Penni Bousfield ~ Embodying Creativity. These were movement exercises done to music, trusting your instinct involving collaboration with others, and connecting with your Self ~ going with your own Flow, as well as Flowing in Harmony, with others. Reminded me of Tai Chi when done in groups, as the movements were so graceful, and even looked like they were choreographed to onlookers!

Straight after I joined a workshop with Mary Kippenberger and Peter Charlton-Jones, interactive story telling, using voice, silence, and acting with costumes, lots of improvisation, and lots of fun!

Sunday, I sat in with Tim Hurson, speaking about ParallaxShift: How to see the world with new eyes. We were working with images and graphs, and did group exercises, relating to our own, and others’ perspectives.

As a bonus for me we were shown a film produced by Paora Joseph, about a group of children and adults, following the footsteps of their Parihaka ancestors while in captivity, throughout the North and South Island. Very beautiful and touching indeed.

Throughout all of the workshops I attended, what was emphasized to me, was the importance

to believe in our Self ♥

to go with our own Flow, and Flow in Harmony with others ♥

of willing to change if necessary ♥

to be flexible ♥

of daring to stand out in the crowd ♥

of being centred and focused ♥

to enjoy life! ♥

to have fun 🙂 ♥

to accept our differences ♥

the ability to trade / barter for goods and services ♥

and most of all:

to LIVE IN LOVE AND LIGHT, so we can experience Peace and Harmony, at all times ♥

I found this weekend most inspiring and left with a feeling of renewed energy!

As I am constantly thinking about World Peace, I know for sure WE CAN CREATE IT!

And the fastest way to World Peace, is to be AT PEACE with OUR SELVES, and to ACCEPT OUR DIFFERENCES ♥

We are all Unique, so let us celebrate our Uniqueness in Love and Light! 🙂 ♥

Loving you ALL in your UNIQUENESS,

In Love and Light,

Ingrid ~*♥*~