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Just wanted to share with you the last few days have blown me out of kilter completely ~ with a sudden unexplained, utter and complete lack of energy to the point where I asked myself how I have ever felt so ENERGIZED like anything was possible!

From one moment to the next I felt I couldn’t move and was forced to lay down, sleep many hours of the day as well as the night (yes I admit I have had some late nights!!!)

When I think about it, I have to be honest as I could have seen it coming, starting to feel overworked, and no moments (no, not even moments!) of rest in sight!

Yes I have to take full responsibility of course!!! But there are times you feel obliged to do things, thinking an opportunity may go away if you don’t act quickly, so I’ve been running around like crazy, like I’m invincible!
So, being so busy (although I was enjoying most of it!) and running myself down, I was forced to rest as my body was certainly giving up on me, with a sudden extreme sore throat and earache, unable to swallow and could hardly talk as this hurt too much, and on top of it a major headache! I decided that the best thing to do was spend most of the day in bed, trying to focus on visualizing my pains to leave my body while lying down, which was easier said than done, with all my actions over the past few days and even weeks racing through my head.
I knew relaxation was the key, and eventually fell asleep ♥

Woken up I felt slightly better but not as I had imagined and at my times awake, I managed to consume lots of honey, and drinks made of chopped up onion with more honey!

I felt so miserable that I decided to get a photo of myself and with that on my lap, applied self healing, tuning in to my own energy field. This definitely helped which I was and AM very grateful for!

Feeling much better the next day (Friday) I decided to take it easy and try to catch up on some (ignored) housework…!
Feeling good about myself and having started on such a positive note, I remembered my photography class and started shooting away while I was having a coffee (my first since days!). YES I was having fun and feeling good :~))) in my sunny spot!

Suddenly I noticed the sun on my head but getting carried away with my camera, I kept experimenting with different exposures, and of course… refused to stop against better knowing….!

Well I certainly paid for it as afterwards I felt exhausted with a massive headache, wondering if I got a sunstroke because of it!
I was absolutely shattered and decided to pick up my photo once more with the energy I had left.
Went to bed reasonable early, and yesterday morning, I was amazed and so grateful because all of my symptoms had completely disappeared! :~))) ~*♥*~

I feel better than ever and completely re-energized! Yes I have had a great and productive day, and had a great time with my kids too :~))) ♥♥♥

I feel so good now, and reminded my self how important it is to BELIEVE in your SELF! ~*♥*~

No matter how hard a situation seems to be, there is nothing that you can’t handle, and there’s always a way out ~ you just have to BELIEVE you can do it!

And most important: Look after your Self! ♥


So, if you would like to know more about self healing, please visit my Self Healing Page ~ I will be very pleased to answer your questions!

In Love and Light,

Ingrid ~*♥*~