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Our life is in our own hands! Isn’t this amazing?

Our life is in our own hands!

All we have to do, is take responsibility!

We are so used nowadays to look somewhere else for help, for love, for mistakes that were made, for pleasure, for pain, for a reason why life just doesn’t seem to go the way we would like it to be, for support, for money, for happiness, for God, for the truth, for peace, for freedom.

But all we need to do, is look inside. The answers are right here!

If we take responsibility for ourselves, we can see that we can help ourselves, that love is within us, that we made mistakes, we can be happy, we can support ourselves, that God is within us, and we can be free!

All we have to do, is believe in ourselves. THAT IS THE KEY.

Trust yourself. Have faith in yourself. Love yourself. Be happy with what you have. Know that everything will be all right. When you can do this, when you believe in yourself, you have just created PEACE.

And as you don’t need to depend on anyone else, you have created your own freedom!