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In Love, Light, and Freedom,

Ingrid van Amsterdam


It’s been an interesting year ~
So many things to learn and hear:

“Fuck the rules”
(Don’t fuck the rules baby!)
Stick with the basics
Don’t run ahead
You might get into
stuff you regret

What happened to Freedom?

I am so confused
I’m losing track fast
of high speed infused

Nail biting terror
I run out of steam
I feel so exhausted
but hold on to my dream
(as I don’t want to be
a cream bun without cream
if you know what I mean!)

Do I know what I mean?

Internal conflict
I fight with my Self
I’m out of the Flow
I sit on the shelf

High energy
Out of control
My bubble will burst soon ~
A ball on the roll!

Burst and exploded
I now can relax
No worries, be happy
I’ve woken up
from my organized mess

This sleeping beauty
is playing again
I’m loose and I’m Free
and my way to Peace
is just to be ME

‘Cause I am the Cause
and it’s you I Affect
The world’s at my feet
What we give we get back
(That’s a natural law)
I amaze my Self
I’m in total awe

Yes, I’m back in the Flow!

Playfully send out my vibes all around
High as a kite
with my feet on the ground

When I send out my questions
I get waves of reply
vibrate down my Centre

Somehow I had to get down
to the Core

I emptied my mind
for the greatest Find
and decided that

Getting down to my Core
in my empty mind ~
most definitely

I decided that nothing,
but less…

is …..MORE…..

Ingrid van Amsterdam, November 2011