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There is a saying “There’s no time like the right time” and “There’s no reason for the Season” meaning that EVERY DAY we can live in Love and Light, and Peace and Harmony, if we choose to do so ~*♥*~

Remember that the choice is ours ~ be grateful for every day we live, for what we have, and for who we are ~*♥*~

~*♥*~ LIVE TO GIVE ~*♥*~

What we give out, we get back, in one way or another ♥

If we consider and are aware of our thoughts, words, and actions, the world will be in Peace so much faster than we can possibly imagine :~)

So Create a Peaceful Self, BE Love, BE Light, and SHINE, EVERY DAY ~*♥*~

In Love and Light,

Ingrid ~*♥*~