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Read, and think about it:


Water Supply and Sanitation

Globally, almost 1 billion people lack clean drinking water. 2.4 billion people have no access to hygienic sanitation facilities; 1.2 billion lack any sanitation facilities at all. Each day, an average of 5,000 children die due to water and sanitation related diseases, many easily preventable. In 2000, through the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), the international community committed to halving the proportion of people without access to clean water and basic sanitation by 2015. Overall, the world is on track to meet the water MDG, but there are major gaps in many regions and countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. On current trends, the world will miss the sanitation target by a staggering 1 billion people.

~ written by United Nations Development Programme


What are YOUR thoughts on this matter?


Isn’t it bizarre, that with all our resources, all our technology, there are still so many people suffering? And this, for the simple reason: “a shortage of money”!!!

If we REALLY cared, wouldn’t we MAKE SURE that all our people would be well fed and watered? It would seem that some governments WANT their people to suffer…..!

Now, I am sure that that is NOT the case, but why then, is there so much poverty, disease and hunger?

I think that the solution could be so SIMPLE!

All it takes is a change of heart, a change of thought. If our Governments would actually cooperate with each other, rather than fight each other. Would look each other in the eye, and see what each other’s needs are ~ if they REALLY care for their people. Collectively they could see what each country’s individual resources are, and share what they have with the world.

There is no excuse for poverty, for war, for hunger.


It’s all a matter of….. well….. MIND OVER MATTER…..!


In Love and Light,